Grow Fragrance Bamboo air + fabric freshener


Grow Fragrance is modern home fragrance that is 100% plant-based, toxin free, and safe for your home.

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Fresh, Airy & Clean
Bamboo has notes of green foliage, citrus and pink peppercorn.
• Eliminate odors, freshen fabric, or set the mood
• 5oz bottle (over 500 sprays)
• 2oz bottle (over 200 sprays)
• Manufactured in the USA

Bamboo Ingredients
• Coriandrum Sativum Fruit Oil (Coriander)
• Myristica Fragrans Kernel Oil (Nutmeg)
• Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil (Orange)
• Petroselinum Sativum Seed Oil (Parsley Seed)
• Petroselinum Sativum Herb Oil (Parsley)
• Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil (Sweet Citrus)
• Carum Carvi Fruit Oil (Caraway)
• Juniperus Virginiana Oil (Cedarwood)
• Lavandula Hybrida Oil (Lavandin)
• Schinus Molle Oil (Pink Peppercorn)
• Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil (Geranium)
• Ferula Galbaniflua Resin Oil (Ferula Gummosa)
• Octanal (Fruit-like odor, occurs naturally in citrus oils)
• Terpinyl Acetate (Herbal, Bergamot, Lavender, Lime, Citrus)
• Linalyl Acetate (Floral, Fruity Odor. Naturally occurring in many flowers and spice plants)
• Linalool (Soft, Sweet Odor. Occurs naturally in many flowers and spice plants)
• Eugenol (Naturally occurring scent found in clove oil)
• Isoamyl Salicylate (Sweet, Orchid, slightly Balsamic, Herbal, Floral, subtle green blending agent)
• Cis-3-Hexenyl Acetate (Fresh, Green & Fruity Odor – provides green top notes to fragrance)
• CIS-3-HEXENYL HEXANOATE (Fruity, Green Pear-Like odor with Vegetable note)
• CIS-3-HEXENYL ISOBUTYRATE (Grassy, Fruity Odor – found in Herbs and Spices)
• Polyglyceryl-10 Caprylate / Caprate (Surfactant made from raw materials of 100% plant origin)
• Sodium Citrate
• Triethyl Citrate
• Alcohol
• Glycerine (100% Plant-Based)
• Water

Suggested Usage
• Unlock
• Shake
• Spray
Spray in the air and on fabrics. For the longest lasting fragrance, spray on fabrics (quick test on delicates).
• 2-3 sprays for a bathroom
• 5-6 sprays for a bedroom or office
• Spray generously throughout large and open spaces

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