Maura Hollander is the founder and owner of Maura’s Market. She spends her free-time enjoying life on their mini-farm with her family. Together they take care of three dogs, two cats, two sheep, a horse, and a donkey. Maura enjoys bringing the whole family into the market by encouraging everyone to try new products right at the kitchen table.


We believe well-being isn’t just one thing. Well-being includes your health, mental state, family, and community.


We connect with small business owners who have strong values and a good story behind them. We personally test their products in our homes and the products that we love become staples of the market. We ensure you’ll find phenomenal products that meet your standards and share your values by sharing the stories of the creators behind them.


Maura’s Market is a values-based digital showcase of small business owners’ labors of love. We connect their story to shoppers that support them. 

We love that our family business supports other family businesses.