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The Reluctant Writer Now Blogs

In the past few years I reached a fork in the road in my career. To assess my best path forward, I decided to do review of my strengths and weaknesses. As I looked toward new careers one of the first things on the ‘Not Me’ list  is WRITER!

I was adamant that I did not want to pursue a  position that required me to write eloquently with perfect grammar and spelling in my writing. I always felt subpar in that arena and it caused me stress as I have such admiration for those people who can put the right words together with such ease.

What I did discover is that I like finding cool new things. I get that little butterfly of excitement and I love to tell others when I find that new exciting thing or idea.

In person I have so much fun introducing others to my new finds. COVID-19 put my brick and mortar retail plans on hold. So I have found myself needing to figure out how to “talk” to people virtually. With that being said, I am not a WRITER!!! We all need to learn to love our imperfections and that is one of many of mine. 

I hope you can find some enjoyment in sharing my discoveries with me. That is all these blog posts are meant to do. NO pulitizer prize winning entries here! So if that works for you please ENJOY!

Full disclosure: Sometimes when I hit a mid block I may have my team help me out 🙂 They told me to let my true voice ring through and I think that is something everyone should do!